RN - Supervisor
Title:RN - Supervisor
ID:19 R76
Location:Windmill Village RHC

·         Register Nurse
·         One year minimum long term care setting
·         Supervisory experience
·         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
·         Strong clinical background

Position Summary:
Supervises staff and coordinates the allocation of personnel based upon the defined needs of the residents during the evening shift.
Conducts the Nursing assessment and initial care planning for all new admissions and readmission.
Essential Job Functions:
  • Perform the initial assessments for new admission, readmission and discharged residents. Completion of all necessary assessments as outlined in policy and procedure.
  • Assure that residents have a clean, safe, orderly and comfortable environment
  • Initiate resident plan of care on admission
  • Assist in developing, reviewing, revising and updating plans of care for individual residents.
  • Ensure that notification is given to the residents’ primary physician, as well as the resident’s legal guardian or representative, when the resident becomes critically ill, injured, or has a significant change in condition as outlined within established policy and procedures.
  • Review complaints and grievances for families and notify the Director of Nursing Services as necessary.
  • Evaluate emergencies and assist in implementing emergency procedures.
  • Assure that the unit area is maintained in a clean and safe manner for resident comfort and convenience, by ensuring that necessary equipment and supplies are maintained to perform nursing care
  • Ensure complete documentation for all incident/accident report along with the necessary investigation/statement and assessments
  • Assist the charge nurse on investigation of alleged abuse or neglect or of unusual occurrences, as outlined within policy and procedures.
  • Start and monitor intravenous medications as ordered.
  • Assist the Charge Nurse and other nursing personnel in performing nursing procedures as necessary
  • Assist in completing the Quarterly Nursing Assessments as outlined in policy and procedure.
  • Assist and monitor nursing documentation for content etc. as outlined in policy and procedure.
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings and in service classes
  • Other as indicated as necessary and appropriate by the Director of Nursing.
  • Make resident rounds to ensure appropriate care is being rendered, identifying and making corrections as necessary
  • Meet with nursing personnel to assist with identifying and correcting problems and or the improvement of resident care.
  • Assist in making compliance rounds with the Attending Physician as necessary
  • Assist the Charge nurse in revision, and distribution of assignments based on staffing needs
  • Assist in the supervision and direction of nursing personnel
Consumer Service:
  • Presents professional image to consumers through dress, behavior and speech.
  • Adheres to Company standards for resolving consumer concerns
  • Ensures that all residents’ rights are protected. 
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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