Discharge Coordinator
Title:Discharge Coordinator
ID:05 R107
Location:Paramount RHC-Pasadena

Discharge Coordinator SNF
Positions Available:  Monday – Friday
  • Current licensed vocational nurse in the state in which practicing.
  • Coordinator needs to be highly organized, empathetic and capable of multitasking
Discharge coordinator will identify clients who require discharge planning, enable the problem-free transfer of patients from one facility to another (e.g. community care centers, aged-care facilities, hospices, and home) and constantly review and determine the use of resources such as staff and medical facilities which are required to maintain the quality of care for the patient outside the facility.

Essential Job Functions:
  • Liaison between the patient and various health-care providers in the community.
  • Establish referral Health Services
  • Check daily patient admissions and discharge to determine which ones will require care outside the facility; to initiate discharge planning procedures.
  • Coordinates and maintains links with care professionals, facilities and resources (e.g. wheelchair providers) which might be necessary for the patient’s recovery.
  • Handle discharge process of Medicare and Managed care residents. 
  • Weekly re-certify and process of managed care patients, specific care plan responsibility
E.O.E. M/F/V/D
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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