Medical Records Assistant
Title:Medical Records Assistant
Location:Paramount RHC-Pasadena
  • Detailed oriented, strong organization skills
  • High school graduate with some business training preferred
Position Summary:
Responsible for assisting the Medical Records Director with maintaining Resident files.
Essential Job Functions:
  • Assists with Maintaining an updated index file of residents.
  • Files completed medical records of discharged residents and retrieve any prior record for inclusion with current record.
  • Participates in on going training and in-services, which allows for development and improvement of knowledge and skills.
  • Holds in confidence all information contained in the residents medical record and other documents pertaining to the resident.  Complies with HIPPA rules and regulations.
  • Be able to work with qualified Medical Records consultant and Medical Records Director.
  • A preference routine organized work that is carried out in relation to set processes and techniques.
Temperament adapted to the work of sorting, filing and assembling charts, notes and orders which is repetitious.

This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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