Below is a list of current openings at Paramount Health Care Company. Please click on an opening in the list to view details and apply.

Activity AssistantWest Oaks RHC-HoustonActivities
Activity AssistantBrodie Ranch RHC-AustinActivities
Activity AssistantWest Oaks RHC AustinActivities
Activity Director West Oaks RHC AustinActivities
Admission Coordinator (RN)Windmill Village RHCNursing
Assistant Director of NursingWindmill Village RHCNursing
Business Office ManagerWest Oaks RHC-HoustonDepartment Heads
Business Office MangerWest Oaks RHC AustinDepartment Heads
Certifed Medication AideWest Oaks RHC-HoustonNursing
Certified Medication AideParamount RHC- San AntonioNursing
Certified Medication AideThe Pointe RHC- WebsterNursing
Certified Medication AideWindmill Village RHCNursing
Certified Medication AideBrodie Ranch RHC-AustinNursing
Certified Medication AideRHC of Baytown- BaytownNursing
Certified Medication AideLa Hacienda RHC-SW HoustonNursing
Certified Medication AideParamount RHC-PasadenaNursing
Certified Nurses Aide (Shower Aide)Brodie Ranch RHC-AustinNursing
Certified Nursing AssistantBandera RHC-BanderaNursing
Charge Nurse PRNRiverside RHC-AustinNursing
CNACedar Bayou RHC- BaytownNursing
CNAMystic Park RHC-San AntonioNursing
CNAThe Pointe RHC- WebsterNursing
CNAWindmill Village RHCNursing
CNAWest Oaks RHC-HoustonNursing
CNAWest Oaks RHC AustinNursing
CNALa Hacienda RHC-SW HoustonNursing
CNA'sRHC of Baytown- BaytownNursing
CNA'sWestwood RHC-SW HoustonNursing
CNA'sRiverside RHC-AustinNursing
CNA'sParamount RHC- San AntonioNursing
CNA's Paramount RHC-PasadenaNursing
CNA'sBrodie Ranch RHC-AustinNursing
CNA-Shower TechRHC of Baytown- BaytownNursing
CookWestwood RHC-SW HoustonDietary/Housekeeping
CookRHC of Baytown- BaytownDietary/Housekeeping
CookBrodie Ranch RHC-AustinDietary/Housekeeping
CookMystic Park RHC-San AntonioDietary/Housekeeping
Cooks Fulltime and ParttimeWest Oaks RHC-HoustonDietary/Housekeeping
Dietary AideRHC of Baytown- BaytownDietary/Housekeeping
Dietary AideWest Oaks RHC AustinDietary/Housekeeping
Dietary AideParamount RHC-PasadenaDietary/Housekeeping
Dietary AideWindmill Village RHCDietary/Housekeeping
Dietary AideBandera RHC-BanderaDietary/Housekeeping
Dietary AideMystic Park RHC-San AntonioDietary/Housekeeping
Dietary AideWestwood RHC-SW HoustonDietary/Housekeeping
Dietary Aide (part-time)Brodie Ranch RHC-AustinDietary/Housekeeping
Dietary Aide ParttimeWest Oaks RHC-HoustonDietary/Housekeeping
Dietary ManagerRHC of Baytown- BaytownDepartment Heads
Director of Staff DevelopementRiverside RHC-AustinNursing
Director of Staff DevelopmentWestwood RHC-SW HoustonNursing
Dishwasher Part timeWest Oaks RHC-HoustonDietary/Housekeeping
Dishwasher PRNRHC of Baytown- BaytownDietary/Housekeeping
Floor TechParamount RHC-PasadenaDietary/Housekeeping
Floor TechnicianCedar Bayou RHC- BaytownDietary/Housekeeping
Floor TechnicianBandera RHC-BanderaMaintenance
Housekeeper PRNRHC of Baytown- BaytownDietary/Housekeeping
HousekeepingCedar Bayou RHC- BaytownDietary/Housekeeping
HousekeepingWindmill Village RHCDietary/Housekeeping
HousekeepingBrodie Ranch RHC-AustinDietary/Housekeeping
Housekeeping (PT)Westwood RHC-SW HoustonDietary/Housekeeping
Housekeeping PRNRiverside RHC-AustinDietary/Housekeeping
L.V.NThe Pointe RHC- WebsterNursing
Laundry AideCedar Bayou RHC- BaytownDietary/Housekeeping
Laundry AideWestwood RHC-SW HoustonDietary/Housekeeping
Laundry Aide (part-time)West Oaks RHC-HoustonDietary/Housekeeping
LVNWestwood RHC-SW HoustonNursing
LVNParamount RHC- San AntonioNursing
LVNWindmill Village RHCNursing
LVNMystic Park RHC-San AntonioNursing
LVN (PRN)RHC of Baytown- BaytownNursing
LVN - Night shiftParamount RHC-PasadenaNursing
LVN'sRHC of Baytown- BaytownNursing
Maintenance Assistant West Oaks RHC AustinMaintenance
Maintenance AssistantMystic Park RHC-San AntonioMaintenance
Maintenance SupervisorWest Oaks RHC AustinMaintenance
Maintenance SupervisorRiverside RHC-AustinMaintenance
MDS Coordinator West Oaks RHC-HoustonNursing
MDS CoordinatorWestwood RHC-SW HoustonNursing
MDS CoordinatorBandera RHC-BanderaNursing
Medical Records RHC of Baytown- BaytownNursing
ReceptionistWest Oaks RHC AustinClerical
ReceptionistRiverside RHC-AustinClerical
Regional Therapy ConsultantParamount Health Care CompanyTherapy
Registered NurseBrodie Ranch RHC-AustinNursing
Respiratory Therapist (Full-Time)Brodie Ranch RHC-AustinNursing
Respiratory Therapist (PRN)Brodie Ranch RHC-AustinTherapy
RNRiverside RHC-AustinNursing
RN Mystic Park RHC-San AntonioNursing
RN - Weekend SupervisorBandera RHC-BanderaNursing
RN / LVNBandera RHC-BanderaNursing
RN / LVN West Oaks RHC AustinNursing
RN Supervisor (Weekends)The Pointe RHC- WebsterNursing
RN Treatment Nurse PT WeekendsBrodie Ranch RHC-AustinNursing
RN-Weekend Supervisor Windmill Village RHCNursing
RN-Weekend SupervisorLa Hacienda RHC-SW HoustonNursing
RN-Weekend Supervisor Paramount RHC-PasadenaNursing
RNARHC of Baytown- BaytownNursing
Social WorkerBandera RHC-BanderaDepartment Heads
Treatment NurseWest Oaks RHC-HoustonNursing
Treatment NurseLa Hacienda RHC-SW HoustonNursing
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